Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Roads Ahead!

Hello and welcome to my new little slice of the web. For several years I had a blog centered around my recreational knitting, ect. It was loosely maintained. My busy mind was always stretched in too many places to truly get much done.
But my creative side was always restless and needed a challenge. I've since made up my mind to take on my very own self-gratifying project that combines many of my loves.
I've been more productive and diligent with my designing in the last few months than I previously had been in a full year of recreational crafting.
One of my loves is fashion. I love fashion like the next fashionista. I particularly love love love accessories and scarves are one of my favorite! Scarves are everywhere and have become a huge fashion statement. I've put together a scarf/wrap collection that will feature large and daring pieces. I need a place to muse about it and other fashion related things. So here we are.
I think it's only befitting to give you the first peek of the collection with the very first scarf that I've knitted in the collection.
The Whitaker Scarf!
This baby is large, long and very soft!
There have been a few cool nights this summer when I could have really used this!
My shop will be opening very soon and I can't wait!
Please stop back soon. Lot's of exciting things will be happening! ;-)

Um...did I say this baby was huge?
Model:The lovely Trish